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Libya and the ICC: Courting chaos and confusion
The current position is certainly not that envisaged following the popular uprising in Libya, but the lack of cohesion and indecisiveness of the international community once again demonstrates that a major rethinking is required. Justice following ...

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Daily Beast
Jihadists Now Control Secretive US Base in Libya
Daily Beast
In the summer of 2012, American Green Berets began refurbishing a Libyan military base 27 kilometers west of Tripoli in order to hone the skills of Libya's first Western-trained special operations counter-terrorism fighters. Less than two years later ...
Secret American base in Libya reportedly seized by jihadistsRT
Obama wants to train Libyan pilots,
Counter-Terror Training Camp Built By US In Libya Captured By?TerroristsTalk Radio News Service

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BBC News
INTERVIEW-Libya expects $8 bln deficit in 2014 after oil shutout
TRIPOLI, April 23 (Reuters) - Libya plans deep austerity measures to tackle a budget deficit expected to reach up to 10 billion Libyan dinars ($8 billion) this year due to rebel blockades which have strangled oil production, a senior lawmaker told Reuters.
Libya youth in fear of abduction by armed groupsBBC News
Libya starts voter registration for general electionsTimes of Malta
Opinion: Libya is ripe for international interventionAsharq Alawsat English
Independent Online
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Middle East Monitor
Does the Egyptian Church support a military strike on Libya?
Middle East Monitor
According to the sources, the Egyptian church is "concerned about the presence of extremist elements in Libya" which it fears would attack Egypt. The church is particularly concerned about a newly formed militant group, the so-called Free Egyptian Army.

US envoy in Libya amid political turmoil
TRIPOLI - A top US diplomat visited Libya on Wednesday to meet government officials, amid political upheaval in the North African country, the State Department said. This trip reaffirms US support for the Libyan people as they work to achieve the ...

Deputy Secretary Burns' Travel to Libya
US Department of State (press release)
Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns is in Tripoli, Libya to meet with senior Libyan officials, including interim Prime Minister Thanaie and General National Congress First Deputy President Ezzidine Mohammed Al-Awami, and to hear from civil ...

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Gatestone Institute
Libya: Jihadi Terror Leaders' Safest Haven
Gatestone Institute
Libya is the new jihadist front on the Mediterranean -- and just a few hours away from the centers of Europe. Several security sources have confirmed that Belmokhtar is still alive and has moved, along with his troops, from Mali to a new base in the ...

Libya's constitution-drafting body starts work
Libya desperately needs a viable government and system of rule so that it can focus on reconstruction and on healing the divisions exposed by the NATO-backed campaign against Gaddafi. The body was meant to have 60 members but violence in Derna, ...
'Radical Islam is spreading' Tony Blair calls for MORE military action in ...
'Radical Islam is spreading' Tony Blair calls for MORE military action in Syria and Libya. TONY Blair has said the West must focus on tackling religious extremism, and called for further involvement in Syria and Libya. By: Jane Mathews. Published: Wed ...
Tony Blair's Middle East speech should prick consciences and spur actionThe Guardian
Blair Warns Of 'Growing' Radical Islam ThreatOrange UK News
UK and US should join hands with Russia in war against radical Islam: Tony BlairTimes of India
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Libya and Tunisia ? a tale of two revolutions
Arab News
While Tunisia has achieved considerable progress and formed a technocrat government, Libya has been mired down by infighting, its ineffectual security forces, and the poor performance of its politicians. Libya's Committee of Sixty, responsible for ...

Tripoli News

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The Daily Star
Tripoli security plan sparks unrest
The Daily Star
TRIPOLI/SIDON, Lebanon: The Lebanese Army raided the home of a militia commander in north Lebanon Wednesday, as some residents of Tripoli held further protests against a security plan in the city enacted last month. An Army unit stormed the house of ...

The Daily Star
Grenades explode in Lebanon's Tripoli, no casualties
The Daily Star
The sources told The Daily Star that shortly after midnight, two assailants on a motorcycle tossed a hand grenade near Alameddine pharmacy in the Tripoli neighborhood of Zahriyeh. Minutes later, the same assailants lobbed another hand grenade near ...

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Jordan's ambassador to Libya is kidnapped in Tripoli
Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- Jordan's ambassador to Libya was kidnapped Tuesday in central Tripoli, the foreign ministries of both nations said. Ambassador Fawaz al-Aytan and members of his security detail were abducted and his driver was injured, Jordan's ...
Libyan spokesman: Gunmen abduct Jordanian ambassador in TripoliFox News
Royal Jordanian cancels today's Tripoli flightLibya Herald
Jordan ambassador to Libya kidnapped: Tripoli govtStraits Times
Foreign Policy (blog) -BBC News -Reuters
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US Deputy Secretary of State in Tripoli
Libya Herald
American Deputy Secretary of State William J Burns is in Tripoli to meet with senior Libyan officials, including acting Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni and First Deputy of the General National Congress (GNC) Ezzidin Al-Awami. The US State Department ...
Deputy Secretary Burns' Travel to LibyaUS Department of State (press release)
US envoy in Libya amid political turmoilGlobalPost

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Families of Gharghour victims protest against arrival of non-Tripoli forces
Libya Herald
Families of those killed in demonstrations in November in Gharghour against the presence of Misrata forces in the capital protested yesterday in Tripoli following reports that Libya Shield forces were on their way to the city. Videos circulated on ...

Italian ambassador back in Tripoli ? has not quit the country
Libya Herald
The Italian Ambassador returned to Tripoli today, said the embassy this evening in terse statement scotching rumours that Rome's top diplomat in Tripoli had quit Libya over security fears. The embassy said: ?Following rumours circulated in recent days ...

The Daily Star
Authorities arrest more suspects in Tripoli, Bekaa
The Daily Star
TRIPOLI/HERMEL: The Lebanese Army Saturday announced it made more arrests in the Bekaa Valley and the northern city of Tripoli, under the nationwide security plan to restore order to regions plagued by the crisis in Syria. In the Bekaa, a wanted ...
Lebanese army cracks down on Tripoli protests, angering demonstratorsAl-Bawaba

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Tunisia slashes Tripoli embassy staff
Libya Herald
The Tunisian embassy in Tripoli has halved its staff since the abduction of embassy advisor Aroussi Gontassi on Thursday. Confirming the move, the ambassador, Ridha Boukadi, told the Libya Herald that there was as yet no news of Gontassi or of his ...
Libya: Suspected kidnapping of Tunisian diplomat in Tripolieuronews
Tunisian diplomat kidnapped in LibyaYahoo News

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The Daily Star
Soldiers killed in Akkar after Tripoli protests
The Daily Star
TRIPOLI/SIDON, Lebanon: Two soldiers died and a third was wounded Tuesday evening when gunmen targeted their patrol in the northern Akkar region, hours after a Salafist preacher warned of major fallout in response to the Lebanese Army's measures in ...
Soldiers killed in Lebanon's TripoliAl-Bawaba
Gunmen kill Lebanese army officer, soldier in AkkarPress TV

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Kidnapped Tripoli young woman found
Libya Herald
Faituri's abduction sparked spontaneous protests in the capital on Tuesday when postal workers, colleagues of her sister, demonstrated outside the offices of Tripoli Local Council against the general deterioration of security across the country. A ...

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Benghazi News

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Meet The Conspiracy Theorists Behind The New Benghazi Report Hyped By Fox
Media Matters for America
Fox News promoted what they called a "blistering report" on Benghazi released by the Citizens' Committee on Benghazi, a group comprised of birthers, conspiracy theorists, and fringe right-wing activists.

Benghazi attack resulted from US 'allowing arms deliveries' to militants
The deadly attack on US diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, could have been prevented if Washington had not allowed arms shipment to reach al-Qaeda-linked militants, said a group launched to unearth truth behind the 2012 ordeal. ?The White House ...
Report: Benghazi Could Have Been Prevented if the US Hadn't 'Switched Sides ...PJ Media
Did the US help arm the Benghazi attackers?World Magazine
Report: US Allowed Arming of Al-Qaida Militants in
The New American -Libya Herald
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Benghazi attack could have been prevented if US hadn't 'switched sides in the ...
Daily Mail
The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, a self-selected group of former top military officers, CIA insiders and think-tankers, declared Tuesday in Washington that a seven-month review of the deadly 2012 terrorist attack has determined that it could have ...
'Libya victim of West criminal policy'Press TV
Libya's constitution-drafting body starts workTrustLaw

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New battle for Obama's Benghazi scapegoat
The short Internet video that the Obama administration blamed for the organized terror attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans now has been caught up in a First Amendment case. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a ...

Benghazi is ancient history to most Americans
The only thing which might be going against Clinton is her role in the Benghazi attack. ?Might? is the principal word here. Most Americans probably don't remember much about what happened in Benghazi. Even though the attack took place in mid-to-late ...

Crackdown on Benghazi drugs and weapon trade continues
Libya Herald
The seizure of illegal weapons, drugs, alcohol and ammunition destined to be sold on the streets of Benghazi continued yesterday as security forces raided a warehouse in the city's Al-Keesh district. A joint army and police force, acting under the ...

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Benghazi Residents Propose Security Solutions
Benghazi ? A member of al-Saiqa Special Forces survived an assassination attempt on Monday (April 21st) in Benghazi, the latest in an endless stream of attacks on security forces in Libya's second city. The soldier was driving in the city's Laithi ...

Kidnapped Benghazi businessman released
Libya Herald
The man was released yesterday and returned to Benghazi from Derna, where he was held, a member of his family told the Libya Herald. Speaking on condition of anonymity, she said his family was very happy and relieved to have him back.

Explosion and assassination attempt in Benghazi
Libya Herald
Attacks have continued to rock Benghazi, with an explosion at a beauty salon and the attempted assassination of a security official. The explosion, near a beauty salon in the city's Al-Keesh district, occurred at 6 am this morning, a local resident ...

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Fox News Poll: Voters say Obama covering up on Benghazi, want Congress to ...
Fox News
Most voters think the White House is trying to cover-up what happened in Benghazi and want Congress to continue to investigate the administration's handling of the attack on the U.S. consulate there that killed four Americans. That's according to a Fox ...

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